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Friday, 22 Jun 2018

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Products to Sell on eBay PDF Print E-mail
Written by Shawn Sellen   
8 Jan 2006
There are millions of items up for auction on eBay at any given time. It is truly amazing that you can find almost anything. Where do all of these things come from?

There are millions of items up for auction on eBay at any given time. It is truly amazing that you can find almost anything. Where do all of these things come from? There are several different sources that a seller can use to obtain many items to sell on eBay. In this article I will go over different sources, and also include the pros and the cons of each one. The most important thing to consider is how much time you have to invest and your comfort level with a particular source.

Garage sales: Garage sales are a great place to find items at a good price to resell. It is almost like a treasure hunt because you never know what you will find. The down side to garage sales is that you might have to do a lot of shopping around to come across what you are looking for, or the "mother load" Personally I can’t resist to stop at a good looking garage sale.

Thrift stores: Thrift sources are similar to garage sales. You may find a lot of good deals, but you may have trouble finding a quantity of "gems" to sell. I suggest using garage sales and thrift stores in conjunction.

Estate sales: These are great. You can find a lot of quality items. The trick is, is to watch the newspapers close, and make sure you bring enough money for the high end items that you can sell for even more. If you live in a small community you may have to do some driving to take advantage of estate sales.

Small business: I would suggest that you approach small business owners and offer to sell their overstock on eBay for them. If you get several of these you could do very well. About 25% of the sales is close to the amount you should charge for your service. Make sure you right up an agreement, especially pertaining on the owner not selling anything that you are listing. It is better if you have the items in your possession. The drawbacks of this is that you have to keep your number of clients up, and risk your feedback if the owner sells the item you listed for him or changes his mind.

Drop shippers: The good thing about drop shipping is that you don’t have to keep an inventory. When you make a sale you just contact you drop shipper, pay them their cost and they send the product to your customer. The bad thing about drop shipping is that you are depending on another to ship to your customers on time. You are also selling something that is not in your possession. This could be risky for your feedback if the item has to be back ordered, or suddenly becomes discontinued.

Bulk/lots: If you have enough money to by a lot, or large quantity of your product, you are on your way. With this you will have to make sure you have the room to store a large quantity of goods. You also have to have confidence they will continue to sell and not die out in the middle. There are online sources you can use to find bulk items. Use a search engine using the words; wholesale, surplus, bulk, lots, you get the idea. Say you are looking for a quantity of combs, type in the search box combs AND bulk, or another keyword to go with combs. Make sure the word "and" is in caps.

EBay: What? Yes, you can find things to sell on eBay on eBay. Look in the lot items and if you can find a good deal on good items, you can buy them and then sell them separate. You can also keep an eye on items you know about and possibly snatch something up for a low price and resell it. This technique takes patience and time. The "great" deal does not come everyday.

Family/Friends/Co-workers: This is where you sell items on eBay for people that you know, and they tell people that they know, and it goes on. Sometimes it can be tough selling for people you know. They might want to take advantage of you and try and get you to lower your cut of the sales.

The best source is the one you can feel good about, and is trustworthy. If a source makes you uncomfortable, try a different one. There is no reason you have to stick to one source. Branch out a little and see what you can find. You might be able to come across something that will make other sellers green with envy.

Author information: Shawn Sellen is the owner of the auction information site

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