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Saturday, 21 Jul 2018

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Website Development With Joomla Made Super Easy PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ritoban Chakrabarti   
8 Oct 2008
Creating a website (a professional one), can become a tedious job and demands lots of hard work. Either you can hire a freelancer, or learn some html/css and start coding yourself. Most people prefer the freelancer way.

Nowadays, the trend has shifted onto CMS or a Content Management System, which enables you to easily create your site and easily manage all aspects of it. The CMSes are quite flexible and have lots of plug-ins to expand their features.

Joomla, is one of the most widely used CMS in the world today. Not only is it really easy to use and develop, but it has a backup of hundreds of developers who constantly work on the betterment and development of Joomla.All those who have already used Joomla will testify that it requires a lot of hard work to understand and appreciate this CMS. But after a while you get used to it and can easily develop websites.

Being a part-time freelancer myself, I know that the demand for Joomla has increased multi-fold in the past few months. Clients are willing to pay just for installing Joomla and setting up the components which hardly takes two hours.

The main confusion and problem lies with the clients as they don't understand the CMS in one go. They need some tutoring beforehand to understand and appreciate the CMS.

Freelancers also face a problem that they need to setup and install components again-and-again for their clients and need to be updated with the latest releases so that they can visit the corresponding developer's website and download the extension.

What is required is a simple solution for clients and webmasters alike so that they get tutorials, extensions, templates and all required things at one place. They need easily installable fully developed websites in which, all they need to do is : Upload and Install!

Now you can get a fully developed Joomla website out-of-the-box! Visit:

Ritoban Chakrabarti is the Lead Developer and Founder of Ready Made Joomla offers pre-made Joomla websites, Joomla Video Tutorials, Joomla extensions and Templates, and lots more.

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