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Friday, 22 Jun 2018

"Advertising is like learning - a little is a dangerous thing." (P. T. Barnum)
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Uncover 6 Top Methods to Make Money Through Domain Names PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sean R Mize   
12 Feb 2008

With millions of entrepreneurs considering going online and looking for profitable website names on a daily basis, domain name marketing is fast becoming one of the most lucrative ways to make money over the world wide web.

Here are the 6 top methods to make money through domain names:

1. Create and register a lot of domain names. With the help of keyword suggestion tools and market research, create short, memorable, keyword-rich, and potentially profitable website names. Invest on registering as many website names as possible.

2. Park your domain names. Wait until a great demand for your website names arises. This is the best time to sell or auction them to maximize your profits.

3. Visit auctions sites. Millions of domain names are being auctioned on websites like eBay. These are the best places to buy and sell promising website names. In putting tag prices on your products, consider these two things: They must not be too low that you will not be able generate profits and they must not be too expensive to disappoint your potential clients.

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4. Promote your website names. Build your own website where you can post the names that you are selling. To maximize your chances of closing a sale, learn how to drive traffic to this website using the following marketing tools: link building, SEO, article marketing, forum posting, and email marketing.

5. Buy expired names. You will be able to sell these for much higher prices as some of them have already established a steady following.

6. Avoid using trademarked names. To avoid violating intellectual property laws, make sure that the words you are incorporating on your website names are not legally owned by other people. This can save you from disputes and law suits.

To learn more, download my free guide, "How to Generate $15,000 Per Month Online" here: "How to Generate $15,000 Per Month Online"

Sean Mize is an internet marketing mentor who teaches people to generate over $15,000 per month online via automated systems and product funnels.

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Last Updated ( 12 Feb 2008 )
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