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Saturday, 21 Jul 2018

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The Mesothelioma Attorney Bidding War: How You Can Profit PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jeanne Pritt   
12 Nov 2005
It's no secret that the Internet can serve up quality leads with quality content as bait. But Mesothelioma Attorneys are paying $100 per click for Mesothelioma? The leads are that good. Here's how you can benefit too...

I've seen it all now... Paid search ads for the term "Mesothelioma" have become a leading source of search engine income. It seems the lawyers are raking in so much money on their Mesothelioma cases that they have bid the keyword up as high as $100. They've even given themselves new titles such as Asbestos Lawyer or Mesothelioma Attorney, building up an entire segment of their industry around this deadly disease and its victims.

Just in case you're in the dark as much as I was (until today), Mesothelioma proves fatal for approximately 3,000 people annually. Individuals who contract this asbestos related disease will frequently pursue legal avenues in order to take action and request compensation for their current situation.

It's no secret that the Internet serves up quality leads with quality content as bait... These so-called "Mesothelioma Attorneys" are raking in the dough with every $100 click that comes their way. The leads are that good.

Since Google shares the wealth with those of us displaying their ads, you can easily make tons of cash yourself for providing content on your site about Mesothelioma. Got a health-related website or blog? Post some good content about Mesothelioma and watch your commissions skyrocket. You could even build a new site, blog, or online newsletter around this topic and watch it pay for itself in droves (using Google AdSense of course).

You can find reprintable information on Mesothelioma easily by using a search service called Creative Commons. It is still in beta but works pretty good. It will help you find photos, music, text, and other works whose authors want you to use it without having to pay or even ask permission.

You'll be helping those afflicted with Mesothelioma to find information or an attorney to represent them - and - you'll be helping to monetize your own site so you can continue to do what you love. Everybody wins.

So if you haven't signed up for Google AdSense yet, do it right now. It's free and really easy to do. Click on the button below for more information.

Oh, and I certainly wouldn't mind if you were inclined to click on any of the ads you might see popping up around my site. (I could use some extra cash for the upcoming holidays!) Since Google serves up ads based on the content of the displayed page, it's really easy to target high-paying keywords if you know what they are. That's what I'm here for...

Warm regards,

Jeanne Pritt

Last Updated ( 28 Nov 2005 )
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