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Friday, 22 Jun 2018

Although many consumers are now buying over the Internet, a segment of those web shoppers still complete their purchases the old fashioned way -- over the phone or in person -- many times after visiting a website.
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New! Refer Website Owners to Google AdSense and Get Paid PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jeanne Pritt   
7 Nov 2005
Finally... It's been a long time coming, but Google has now decided to share the wealth with you and me, namely for referrals. Could this be a drastic action to stay on top of the Pay-Per-Click game? The recent announcement of Yahoo's answer to AdSense (in beta) may just be the culprit. In reality, this spells c-a-s-h c-o-w to me and I'm in! Here's how you can get in on this as well...

Is your site making enough money?

If not, consider publishing Google AdSense on your site.

Now more than ever, you can generate easy revenue as an Adsense publisher even if your site gets minimal traffic!

More on that later...

But first, if you're still wondering why you should publish AdSense when it encourages people to leave your site, I'll be brutally honest...

The truth is, people leave your site all the time.

The average visit is so short that I get depressed just thinking about it.

And where do they go?

Hopefully they have clicked on one of your affiliate links. Maybe they actually read some of your content, followed your advice, and purchased your product.

While it's true that some of your visitors may actually do what you want them to, the majority of them don't. They leave. They go on to other sites that interest them, sites where you don't make a dime.

Since you can't hold them on your site and force them to buy from you, why not capitalize on this loss?

As a matter of fact, it makes good sense NOT to keep them interested if you can earn money when they move on.

Just think about this for a few minutes... Got it now?

Owning a mediocre website could actually pay off!

I don't know of a better way to capitalize on the fact that visitors wander off than publishing Google AdSense.

Now if you're thinking that you don't get enough traffic to make real money with Google AdSense, think again... Up until now that may have mattered. But check out the latest news...

Google just announced their new referral program. They will now pay you for:

  1. Referrals to the Google AdSense program.
  2. When someone downloads and installs Firefox because of your referral.

Simply place any of the referral buttons (Google provides) on your site, and that's all there is to it. Of course you can further promote to your list, tell friends, clients, etc. for even better results.

Now here's the catch -- you have to be a Google AdSense Publisher first before you can make money on referrals.

I'm not sure if I can disclose what the referral fees are to non-members, so I'll just tell you this -- Google is being very, very, very generous.

I am so excited about Google's new referral program! It's such a great idea for any website owner to display Google ads, so it will be really easy to get tons of referrals. Nothing to buy, just sign up and get started now.

  • Joining Google's AdSense program is free
  • The copy and paste code is generated for you and easy to place on your website
  • Google serves up highly relevant ads that closely match the content on your pages
  • No messing around with code from all kinds of affiliate programs
  • Concentrate on providing content on your site and let Google provide the cash to maintain it
  • You can block ads from your competitors or those that don't meet your standards
  • You can make even more money by referring others to the AdSense program or to download Firefox

Basically, you can now plug a bit of code into your site and display relevant text ads instantly that are likely to appeal to your visitors. And if you own several sites, you only need to apply once. That's why AdSense is so much easier than joining several affiliate programs.

Besides, if you aren't publishing Google Adsense on your site yet, realize that you're leaving good money on the table. Do it now and stop worrying about visitors leaving. Embrace it and make money from it with Google AdSense.

Click on the button below to find out more on the Google AdSense program.

Click on the button below to get a free copy of Firefox with the Google toolbar. I love it and I know you will too.

Remember, if you're not already an AdSense publisher, you'll need to sign up in order to make money from referrals. It takes just a few minutes so why not do it right now?

Warm regards,

Jeanne Pritt

Last Updated ( 8 Nov 2005 )
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